Box Tops

To Visit the Box Tops for Education website please click on this link:


Burnsville Elementary has been involved in collecting Box Tops for Education for several years now. The money earned from this program, 10 cents for each Box Top, has been used to purchase much needed supplies for our classrooms. Each year, this has become more important to our school as monetary funds have dwindled and many of the consumable products needed in our classrooms, harder to obtain.

Box Tops for Education can be found on many of the products you already buy at many of the places you already shop. We ask that you take a moment to collect them and set them aside to send in to your child’s teacher. Also, there are collection bins at both Ingles and Sav-Mor in Burnsville. Box Tops will be picked up the first week in February as they must be redeemed by the last day of February to receive money for the next school year.

Occasionally, BES or your child’s teacher will offer an incentive prize for turning in Box Tops. (Be on the lookout for these contests)

Please take the time each day to check your child’s Bobcat Binder. Children, no matter their age, can’t always be relied upon to remember when they have important information in their binder for you. For the past 2 years, these binders have been purchased for every child at BES with money from the Box Top program and are a very effective means of communication between parents and teacher/school when they are checked daily.

We at BES are grateful for any and all help from our community families. Should you have any questions about the Box Tops for Education program, or wish to donate rewards for it, please feel free to contact Jennifer Riddle, Program Coordinator.