Student Expectations

Burnsville Elementary School is part of the Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) initiative. 
As part of the PBIS program, we will:
        establish clear expectations for appropriate behavior in all areas of our school
        explicitly teach those expectations to the students
        reward students frequently for meeting those expectations consistently
        apply consistent consequences and positive reinforcement for all kids

We have adopted a them for our PBIS initiative at Burnsville Elementary School, Burnsville R.O.C.K.S.!
The R.O.C.K.S.!  motto reminds students in general of what is expected of them as a student here at Burnsville:

Burnsville Elementary School - R.O.C.K.S.!

Class    Hallways Restrooms Cafeteria     Play/Gym Bus
 Respectful Raise your handQuiet VoicesPrivacy Use good Manners Good SportsQuiet Voices
 Orderly Come prepared    Right side-Hands to self  Keep Clean Keep Clean Follow Rules Hands to self
 Cooperative Follow directions Follow Directions Use facilities properly Welcome others to sit Include all 
Take Turns
 Listen and follow directions
 Kind The Golden RuleHands off student work Be courteous Good mannersKeep voice down Share Kind words
 Safe Keep your space clean Single File Always flush and wash hands Walk Play appropriately Stay seated

NOTE: A Yancey County Schools rights and responsibilities handbook will be given out at the start of the year detailing further
 Student Behavior Standards.